Let’s say, you want some pasta. But you don’t really want something heavy, you know, just some grape tomatoes, maybe some mushrooms over some buttered angel hair.

Now, let’s assume you’ve read my post on Dashi. Or are already familiar with Japanese cooking.

Is there any rule you can’t cook pasta the same way the Japanese cook rice or noodles?
No. Right? Okay, so how about simmering those pasta noodles in some chicken broth? Maybe even with a few sun-dried tomatoes and dried porcini mushrooms.

Pull out the pasta, rescue a few of those tomatoes and mushrooms, maybe add a few fresh tomatoes and shaved Parm cheese to the bowl.

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of the food police, not knocking on your door. Hell, maybe tempt the bastards by adding a pinch of sesame seeds on top (the Italians do love sesame semolina).

Still no sirens? Good, you’ve just done fusion the right way, now enjoy your Italianese “pasta-al-whatever-the-fuck” and bask in the glory of deeper food knowledge.

Love, Jimi

Also, eat that shit with chopsticks. Pasta is literally a cross-over from China, and they know that the best way to eat noodles, is with sticks.

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