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Viet Salad

Light and tangy. Likes to hang out with fried spring rolls (who doesn’t).

Moules à la Crème

Creamy Mussels: sounds naughty, tastes great. Super easy dish.

Corned Beef With Veg

Let’s show everyone just how not Irish we are by eating silly amounts of Corned Beef & Cabbage.

Alcoholics I Have Known and Loved

I often list recommendations in each recipe because the question usually comes up during in-person conversations. Just occurred to me though, I actually do have a list…

Basic Marinara

Enjoyment mandatory. Bathing optional.


Hop in egg-slut, we’re doing pasta tonight.


Crushed greens with acid and oil is an ancient idea.

Sausage n Biscuits

So you read the Breakfast Sausage recipe and thought “nah, I wanna give my cardiologist BOTH middle-fingers…”

Pasta alla Norma

If I remember correctly, Norma was an Opera singer with serious pipes. Norma became a colloquial term for “good”.


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