Dashi Jimi’s Master Recipe

Dashi is the Ground-Floor of Japanese Cooking.

It’s a broth that always includes at least one element of Umami (see below) and is the basis for just about anything that requires liquid for cooking (including rice). It freezes well, so make plenty and thaw as needed.

I always try to use JFC (Japanese Food Corporation) ingredients, as Japan is known for its reliable ‘chain of custody’. Always check Country of origin; US, and Korea are also reliable sources.

Dashi Level 01 – Base

  1. Soak Kombu – two hours min. (or overnight) in 6C of water
  2. Then bring to simmer 56c ~20min (no hard-boil)
  3. Add Shot of cold water
  4. Add Katsuobushi (aka bonito), allow to sink completely (about 1 min)
  5. Strain clear to new container

Dashi Level 02 – Additions

In addition to Dashi 01…

  • Add ~1T soy sauce
  • Add ~1C sake

Katsuobushi Substitutions

Substitute Katsuobushi with dried…

  • Niboshi (very small fish)
  • Mackerel
  • Sardine
  • Surume (dried squid)
  • Magurobushi or 50/50 Katsuobushi & Magurobushi


(Unctuous flavor found in fatty meats)

Composed of 3 acidic compounds
  • Glutamic acid
  • Inosinic acid
  • Guanylic acid

Japanese – Basic Dashi
  • Glutamic acid – Kombu
  • Inosinic acid – Katsuobushi (aka: bonito flakes)
  • Guanylic acid – Dried Shitake (or Matsutake)
Western Equivalent
  • Glutamic acid – Dried Tomatoes
  • Inosinic acid – Chicken Breast Meat (can sub with bone broth)
  • Guanylic acid – Dried Morel Mushrooms or Porcini (can sub with Shitake, Chanterelle)

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