This Fucking Guy...

I love food—wait, you love food too? What are the chances?!

And, we both happen to be floating on the only habitable planet, surrounded by trillions of kilometers of dark, vacuous death? Will the coincidences never cease? I’ll bet you even shit with your pants down! I’m starting to think this is a conspiracy…

Okay, but maybe a word about what you’ll find here…

Nations & Ethnicities, man it’s all over the place. I grew up Greek/Italian so there’s gonna be plenty of that shit (with a touch of Irish, so expect beef, potatoes, and cabbage at some point). I have a deep affinity for Japanese food (and culture, but I’ll try to refrain from archaic Cowboy Bebop references), as well as Indo/Paki (which dates as far back as 4000 years).

My wife is German, so I had to learn some of that Bavarian Schnitzel Scheisse; interestingly enough, they do not just walk around with beer-filled IV bags. Who knew?

What else… um I like Eurotrash (I eat cheese like a surrender monkey, and “take tea” in the afternoon), Spain is just so fucking good that it’s impossible to ignore (Look up Ferran Adrià or José Andrés). Chinese cuisine is so old and vast it’s worth studying if only to say you have some surface knowledge of a 5000 year old food culture, and I could literally get lost in Mexico for years and never manage to try all of the amazing salsas. They wield chilis like some kind of ancient powerful sorcery.

So, yeah… that nailed it down tight didn’t it? Fuck it, just buckle-up and enjoy the ride.

Love, Jimi

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