Cooking Temperatures

For most ingredients: Stop cooking ~10F/12C before desired temp. Typical rest and carry-over will increase temperature by ~10F/12C. Thicker items will take longer.

ProductCooked toFinal Resting
Fresh Beef, Veal & LambRare135F/57CInterior appearance shiny
Med Rare145F/63CDeep red to pink
Medium160F/71CPink to light pink
Well Done170F/77CLight pink line in center for med-well, no pink for well
Fresh PorkMedium160F/71CMeat opaque, slight give, juices faint blush
Well Done170F/77CSlight give, juices clear
Fresh HamDone160F/71CSlight give, light blush
Whole birdsDone180F/82CLegs easily move in socket, juices blush to clear
BreastDone170F/77CMeat opaque
Thigh, Leg, WingDone180F/82CMeat releases from bone
Ground Meat
Turkey/ChickenDone165F/74CJuices clear
Beef, Veal, Lamb, PorkDone160F/71CJuices light blush to clear
FishDone145F/63CStill moist, flesh will easily segment
Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, CrawfishDoneShells turn red, flesh becomes pearl-opaque
ScallopsDoneFlesh turns milky white
Clams, Mussels, OystersDoneShells will open
All content originally sourced from Culinary Institute of America: Professional Chef

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