Cooking Oil Smoke Points

FatSmoke Point °FSmoke Point °C
Avocado oil520°F271°C
Refined Safflower oil510°F266°C
Soybean oil495°F257°C
Extra light olive oil468°F242°C
Olive pomace oil460°F238°C
Refined corn oil450°F232°C
Palm oil450°F232°C
Palm kernel oil450°F232°C
Refined high-oleic sunflower oil450°F232°C
Refined peanut oil450°F232°C
Semi-refined sesame oil450°F232°C
Refined soy oil450°F232°C
Semi-refined sunflower oil450°F232°C
Peanut oil440°F227°C
Sunflower oil440°F227°C
Hazelnut oil430°F221°C
Cottonseed oil420°F216°C
Grapeseed oil420°F216°C
Virgin olive oil420°F216°C
Almond oil420°F216°C
Sesame oil410°F210°C
High quality (low acidity) extra virgin olive oil405°F207°C
Refined canola oil400°F204°C
Semi-refined walnut oil400°F204°C
Macadamia nut oil390°F199°C
Vegetable shortening360°F182°C
Semi-refined canola oil350°F177°C
Coconut oil350°F177°C
Unrefined sesame oil350°F177°C
Semi-refined soy oil350°F177°C
Hemp seed oil330°F165°C
Unrefined corn oil320°F160°C
Unrefined high-oleic sunflower oil320°F160°C
Extra virgin olive oil320°F160°C
Unrefined peanut oil320°F160°C
Semi-refined safflower oil320°F160°C
Unrefined soy oil320°F160°C
Unrefined walnut oil320°F160°C
Unrefined canola oil225°F107°C
Unrefined flaxseed oil225°F107°C
Unrefined safflower oil225°F107°C
Unrefined sunflower oil225°F107°C
Originally Sourced From Culinary Institute of America’s “The Professional Chef” 8th Edition

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