No flowery preface, no heart-strings sonata of nostalgia. Just the last half century of recipes and knowledge that I can manage to remember. Any notes or context will be put at the bottom. I will format these pages so you know what you’re looking at.

I will try my best to include both Standard Units (Metric), and Freedom Units. I’ll update as I can.

Sigh, yes Kelly, I’ll include the photography, as I’m able to.


Read through the entire recipe (including Notes, but not necessarily Context, Personal, etc. I’ll title them accordingly) before tearing-ass into the work. If there’s something that isn’t clear, or you don’t understand, just ask (or google it) and I will try to reply as timely as possible. If there is a relevant process or knife-skill that bares illustrating, I’ll either link to a vid, article or, god help me, record it myself.


Because I’ve got a lot of shit to document that goes back quite a ways, and I’m not going to live forever (Memento Mori, motherfucker), and people keep asking me to. And maybe, this will actually be helpful to someone. Because this is for you. I already have this burning garbage barge of information in my head. Although I could get hit in the head by a low-earth-orbit concrete dildo tomorrow, and then I’d also need it. So might be for me too, let’s hope not though.

Also, I’ve lost track the number of times that I, a family member, a friend or complete internet stranger has complained about going to a page for a recipe and having to first traverse the mountains, valleys and rivers of someone’s fucking lifestyle-story before they can get to the actual recipe. Yeah, I know (and was paid to know) how SEO and SEM works.
I just don’t care.

“If you’re here, it’s because I, or someone I know, sent you here. Welcome, make yourself comfortable in this bucket of vulgar gluttony.”

Love, Jimi

So yeah, watch this space for (not) another goddamned food blog, because the world needed another one. Jesus Christ on a pogo-stick, am I actually doing this?
Fuck. Me.

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